A suit to safety goggles, ear plugs and a hair net? At least that's over, for now?

I might not be in the greatest of financial shape, but things are improved from last year at this time.

My wife now has her own laptop, so she doesn't have to worry about my other two PCs or me having my laptop at work. She's one of the countless people addicted to Candy Crush. I'm only interested in Boom Island, but that isn't PC based or work with my cell, so I don't bother with that stuff. All of my interests were put on hold for the most part. Now I'm slowly getting back into making models, doing graphics and so on. I still have not made one single custom doll in over three years. My Living Dead Dolls are all in storage in the house and only a few are displayed. As soon as I get a new job I am planning on geting a 40inch TV to use as a monitor.

Robotech now has a strategy table top game like Warhammer. Thankfully I got a starter set. I have not gotten many "goodies" since July. I was lucky enough to get a Robotech Tactics starter set, two Transformers, a Muppet/puppet, lots of sushi and a few trips to various Asian markets.

I'm still really into Jpop and Kpop, but I'm also very much into Devin Townsend now.


Pre-July 2014

From July 2013 to June 2014 I worked a large amount of general labor type of temp jobs. I never thought that would happen to me. The stress level was unreal. There were times when we had ice formations inside various areas of the house, I would wear over four layers of sweat clothes hoping to keep warm, shopped at Dollar Tree for food, had food from a local food bank, and so on. It was a horrible time. One of the things that made it worse was waiting for a graphic job. In a year I sent out roughly 5,000 emails/applications for graphic jobs alone, not even including "regular" jobs.

I worked at several plastic factories, at a Pepsi bottling plant (where I was hit with over 30 cans of soda flying out of a machine), then was lucky enough to find a semi-perm position at a local factory doing 12 hour shifts with alternating days. The pay range on those was $8.25 to $13 an hour. I even did a one day job helping with inventory at an upscale clothing store. The temp jobs were horrible. Most people treat temps like criminal lepers.

The worst single day job was at a mailing house, putting financial reports in envelopes. On top of it they were a former Donnelley/Bowne client. It was just a few miles down the road from the office I spent 8 years at. That was a very depressing day.

Since getting my new job it has been a very slow state to regain what I would consider my life. The good part is my snotty attitude is totally gone. I thought once Donnelley cut us all I would return to work after nine months and have a seemless transition. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Here's Brian. We worked together in a clean room for about five out of the six months I was there.

From the 27th floor of the Boston Financial District, to a factory. This was a humbling kick in the ass.

I spent almost a year with limited sunlight exposure and working in environments with no windows to speak of. The positions were so bad that I had to ask permission to use the rest room. Imagine that as an adult. It still blows my mind.

Hello from the world of the cracked looking glass... a bit shattered in places

Since the beginning of July 2014 I have been working full time off Summer Street in Boston. Sadly my salary is half of what it once was and I don't have medical coverage, but considering all that happened from 2013 till the middle of 2014, I would say things aren't bad.

I get to sit in a cube that is in a corner of the office people don't go to. For the most part I am left on my own. When the weather was good I would constantly go to Chinatown. I have had so many meals there I couldn't even guess at. The company I work for is for legal education, a non-profit. We have loads of lawyers and judges either attending classes or as a member of faculty giving one. October we had a big reception and we got the left overs. I had a massive amount of pan seared tuna over two days, it was great.

I'm still looking for a better position with a higher salary. I went on two interviews in the last few months and they both were outstanding. Now it's just a mater of landing the new job.


June update: odd changes

Best part first, I am back to work. I work for a legal eduction group just down the street from the state capital building. The money isn't great, but the benefits are good and it will be awesome on my resume.

The things I've had to do over the last six months have been rough to say the least. Within the last month I went on seven interviews and did two video interviews on line.

We adopted another cat, which brings us to three. His owner was an older lady who had brain cancer and was dying in the hospital.

I have not been active with my other blogs at all. My entire time for the past year has been focused on the job search and terrible low paying entry level jobs. The last toy I bought was last year and before that was a year prior. So, on the whole it's been a rough time since 2012.

May - update

The "graphic" job I got in February didn't work out. They were using a piece of software that is over fifteen years out of date. I lasted a few weeks, but the pay was even lower than the factory. We lived through the winter. Over the last couple of weeks my job prospects have greatly improved. I am interviewing with two large corporations this coming week. Things have been very stressful and I have learned from the lessons I went through over the last ten months. I live on much less now. A couple years ago my doctor wanted me to loose some weight, so now I have.

The guy who once worked in nice fancy offices now works in a medical device factory for a very small fraction of what I once made.

There's nothing to report on for the most part. The last five months have been just about survival, and that's it besides applying for jobs every available moment.

Status February 16, 2014

I have finally returned to a graphic design job. The pay is a small fraction of what I once made, but it is very close by. The location and a couple other issues being not in play financially make it a livable situation for now. I will be continuing to look for other better opportunities, but in the meantime I should be happy.

I have transitioned over to a couple other blog sites.

New WordPress site

I have started a new WordPress blog today. I have not posted yet, I've been busy.

Things are still very much in the air. I have been more productive with job prospects than in all the year and a half prior. In the meantime I have a factory job doing a 12 hour shift of every other day off and alternating weekends. It sucks, but it will result in steady money coming in, which is the bottom line.

January 18, 2014 Update

Things are still in a very dangerous financial situation for us. I've resorted to temp jobs that pay very little money and are not steady. I've been humbled to say the least.

In spite of this four recent opportunities have presented themselves and now it's a mater of waiting again. One is for a medium sized company that would be a dream job, one is a huge corporation that will pay close to my old salary and will pay bonuses, one is not great but it's in my field, the last is for a children's book publisher right next to Boston.

I'm hopeful, but still freaked out beyond words. I'm even waiting to hear back about a start date on a factory job, and signed up for a one day six hour job. I'm selling one of my guitars on top of it all.

The last four months have been a freak show to say the least. I have to make serious effort to make sure I don't loose anymore weight.

I've made the transition to WordPress, although at the moment I am not happy with the layout.


2014 Update

Things are still on the ropes across the board. I have been doing temp jobs since October. At times I wonder if I needed a "correction" due to some negative attitudes I had in the past, which I can say have been seriously corrected in the past few months. Friends of my wife got together funds so we could have heat for the next few months, and a woman who visits the rest home were my wife works at times gave her a $50 gas card, which has really restored my faith in humanity.

I am currently waiting to hear back from two previous interviews with great companies, and have been submitted for a sweet job in a very great location right next to Cambridge/Boston.

Last month a close friend wanted to buy my Xbox 360 for his kids, since his died. I said I wouldn't sell it, but he could have it for free. I cannot play video games when I have so much to do in fixing things.

I lost 40 pounds since July of 2012. I am too depressed to eat for the most part, plus unemployment benefits and my savings ran out months ago.

Status of things up to October

The last few months have been Hell. I still have not found a graphic design job. I have had to resort to temping in factories, even that doesn't last. I worked at Walmart, but quit for a job that turned out to be telemarketing and nothing like what I was sold. Things are very rough.

  1. Worked at Walmart for one month. It was terrible.

  2. I ended up getting tricked into a telemarketing job. I was told I would be screening incoming calls for health care coverage.

  3. Unemployment payments ran out in July.

  4. My mother died two weeks ago, cancer in her brain and lungs. It was rough.

  5. Recently I went on one interview for a CSR job, and had a pre-screening phone interview today was was told they would get back to me by Friday, even this one is "contract".

Things are beyond tight. I have no idea what could happen. I have been helping out a band that I'm friends with members since the 80s, oddly they are Christian.

I will be switching over to WordPress shortly, now that I have time for more software studying.