priestmatthias (priestmatthias) wrote,

Status of things up to October

The last few months have been Hell. I still have not found a graphic design job. I have had to resort to temping in factories, even that doesn't last. I worked at Walmart, but quit for a job that turned out to be telemarketing and nothing like what I was sold. Things are very rough.

  1. Worked at Walmart for one month. It was terrible.

  2. I ended up getting tricked into a telemarketing job. I was told I would be screening incoming calls for health care coverage.

  3. Unemployment payments ran out in July.

  4. My mother died two weeks ago, cancer in her brain and lungs. It was rough.

  5. Recently I went on one interview for a CSR job, and had a pre-screening phone interview today was was told they would get back to me by Friday, even this one is "contract".

Things are beyond tight. I have no idea what could happen. I have been helping out a band that I'm friends with members since the 80s, oddly they are Christian.

I will be switching over to WordPress shortly, now that I have time for more software studying.

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