priestmatthias (priestmatthias) wrote,

2014 Update

Things are still on the ropes across the board. I have been doing temp jobs since October. At times I wonder if I needed a "correction" due to some negative attitudes I had in the past, which I can say have been seriously corrected in the past few months. Friends of my wife got together funds so we could have heat for the next few months, and a woman who visits the rest home were my wife works at times gave her a $50 gas card, which has really restored my faith in humanity.

I am currently waiting to hear back from two previous interviews with great companies, and have been submitted for a sweet job in a very great location right next to Cambridge/Boston.

Last month a close friend wanted to buy my Xbox 360 for his kids, since his died. I said I wouldn't sell it, but he could have it for free. I cannot play video games when I have so much to do in fixing things.

I lost 40 pounds since July of 2012. I am too depressed to eat for the most part, plus unemployment benefits and my savings ran out months ago.

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