priestmatthias (priestmatthias) wrote,

May - update

The "graphic" job I got in February didn't work out. They were using a piece of software that is over fifteen years out of date. I lasted a few weeks, but the pay was even lower than the factory. We lived through the winter. Over the last couple of weeks my job prospects have greatly improved. I am interviewing with two large corporations this coming week. Things have been very stressful and I have learned from the lessons I went through over the last ten months. I live on much less now. A couple years ago my doctor wanted me to loose some weight, so now I have.

The guy who once worked in nice fancy offices now works in a medical device factory for a very small fraction of what I once made.

There's nothing to report on for the most part. The last five months have been just about survival, and that's it besides applying for jobs every available moment.

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