priestmatthias (priestmatthias) wrote,

June update: odd changes

Best part first, I am back to work. I work for a legal eduction group just down the street from the state capital building. The money isn't great, but the benefits are good and it will be awesome on my resume.

The things I've had to do over the last six months have been rough to say the least. Within the last month I went on seven interviews and did two video interviews on line.

We adopted another cat, which brings us to three. His owner was an older lady who had brain cancer and was dying in the hospital.

I have not been active with my other blogs at all. My entire time for the past year has been focused on the job search and terrible low paying entry level jobs. The last toy I bought was last year and before that was a year prior. So, on the whole it's been a rough time since 2012.

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