priestmatthias (priestmatthias) wrote,

A suit to safety goggles, ear plugs and a hair net? At least that's over, for now?

I might not be in the greatest of financial shape, but things are improved from last year at this time.

My wife now has her own laptop, so she doesn't have to worry about my other two PCs or me having my laptop at work. She's one of the countless people addicted to Candy Crush. I'm only interested in Boom Island, but that isn't PC based or work with my cell, so I don't bother with that stuff. All of my interests were put on hold for the most part. Now I'm slowly getting back into making models, doing graphics and so on. I still have not made one single custom doll in over three years. My Living Dead Dolls are all in storage in the house and only a few are displayed. As soon as I get a new job I am planning on geting a 40inch TV to use as a monitor.

Robotech now has a strategy table top game like Warhammer. Thankfully I got a starter set. I have not gotten many "goodies" since July. I was lucky enough to get a Robotech Tactics starter set, two Transformers, a Muppet/puppet, lots of sushi and a few trips to various Asian markets.

I'm still really into Jpop and Kpop, but I'm also very much into Devin Townsend now.


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