Things are looking very shitty. I've had a few possible jobs fall through from agencies. I'm waiting to hear back from one making $40 an hour. Sadly, my unemployment payments stop in three weeks. So, I have been preparing for the worst case situation, which is no graphic design job in the near future and attempting to not loose our house. Thus, I have job interview with Walmart. It's just about survival at this point.

I learned several new programs and am currently studying audio and video editing/production software, but that has not increased in any responses.

I will be closing my Photobucket account and will be abandoning LJ very shortly. I will be going to Wordpress. Sadly, companies here are asking for all sorts of social media programing and such.

I'm also going to be selling some more toys, partly for survival and partly for space.

back into the meat grinder

I spoke to a high end placement agency today. I will be going into Boston tomorrow afternoon to interview and fill out paperwork. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I worry about the length of the jobs I could get making me loose my unemployment payments. I watch all of my spending, so spending $30 tomorrow on the train is not a great feeling.

I might be putting an end to my Journal. LJ seems to have lost many users. I might just rely on Wordpress or my own website.

There have not been any job listings for two days. On Monday I dropped of a resume, cover letter and prior work samples off at a local publishing company. Outside of the agency I have not had any interviews or emails about the jobs I applied for. Things are pretty shitty.

steady and bland

Things are still very rough. Not one interview or email reply asking questions. My resume, cover letter and samples have been reworked. I will be selling some more toys, partly because I need room still and because of how rough things are.

The weather is improving, so at least that makes for a better home environment. I will now be able to work on various projects. The winter took creativity right out of me. I had to wear layers of sweats and a bathrobe to keep warm.

I'm planning on getting eggs from local farmers. I found some terrible information on the conditions in the corporate farms.

Singing the Doom Song

Still unemployed and no interviews. I brought in samples, cover letter and a resume in a fancy clear folder to a small publishing company on Monday. I have not heard back. I'm considering calling them to get the package back at least. My website is still not up, but I'm doing great with my study of InDesign. No one is using Quark anymore.

I want to head out to an Asian market to relax, but I just don't have the money, so I don't want to tempt myself. Our pipes almost froze last night. I need a shower so bad, but the pipes aren't clear for it.

I believe the drastic changes out of the blue in my past is what's keeping me from getting totally depressed.
Above is a spread from an InDesign document I'm working on. It's for practice and to counteract all the boring financial pieces in my portfolio.

Thanks to littleredmistic for the Easter chick.

always waiting

This Cat Car is awesome or rather paw-some! I would love to have this. I saw it yesterday on our way back home from having low key adventures. We went to a huge fabric store, Guitar Center, the carousel sushi place, bead store, and a porno shop.

My website is still not up as of yet. Thinking in code isn't fun, but I'm retaining the information and hear the audio from the lessons over and over in my sleep. I got a small manual about transitioning from Quark to InDesign. Today I got to apply at a large publishing company, and another financial company. I'm eager to get on with life now.

Tonight a snow storm will be coming, but then the temperature will rise later in the week. I'm anxious to get on with life and for the nice weather, then getting to sit in the sun porch with my cats.


I'm still unemployed and not one interview in months. I'm on federal unemployment extension, and very stressed.

I'm learning Dreamweaver, but it will be a while till I become comfortable with is as with other programs. I have not worked on any craft projects.

Nothing else is going on of heavy interest. I'm looking forward to the warm weather.

a fun trip

I went out for a change of scenery to Natick. I have not been in the area for years. The mall now has a carousel sushi restaurant. I was so happy and really needed to be cheered up. There is a massive fabric store close by as well. My wife and I will be going back soon. I stopped by a comic book store and ran into a former owner of a comic store I used to go as a teen. He gave me a free ticket to the Boston Comic Con.

some good some bad

I'm pretty sick of unemployment and cold weather. I found a small N scale starter train set at the flea market. Later I will test it out in the toy room. Yesterday we visited a friend who I've known since 1987. His young daughter broke her Cinderella wand she got at Disney World, on top of it she received it in person from an actress playing Cinderella at a fancy dinner. Thankfully I was able to fix it and returned it today and she was very happy.

I have some house cleaning ahead of me today. I considered going to a doll house store today as a protest against sports.

My Ebay sales will end in eight days